Author: Ariel Lim

12 Different Types of Marketing Email You Should Be Sending

Most organizations think that email marketing is all about sending the newsletter. In fact, there are 12 different types of marketing email you should be sending. By the way, what you call a newsletter is actually one of the most ineffective marketing tactics marketers use today. In this post, I’ll be sharing 12 different types…
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January 25, 2018 0

What Is a Marketing Offer

A marketing offer is any content of significant value that people are willing to exchange their contact information for. Other marketers call this a lead magnet or trip wires. The most common marketing offer is the newsletter subscription. Another one is PDF downloads like industry reports, white papers, and e-books. A marketing offer that is…
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January 21, 2018 0

3 Common Problems in Digital Marketing

Every industry has its own problems and constraints. In this post, I’ll be tackling the most common problems in digital marketing. While these two terms have different meanings, a lot of marketers use the two interchangeably. They are either confused about their meanings or don’t know which is a problem and which is a constraint. So,…
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January 18, 2018 0

What Is a Thank You Page

A Thank You Page is a page on your website that your visitor can access a certain marketing offer and/or tell them what to expect next. In most cases, this is also the part where conversion tracking is placed. Here’s an image that you’re probably familiar with. Let me explain the 5 parts briefly: Generic…
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January 14, 2018 0

Biggest Reason Your Email List Isn’t Growing (and You’re Probably Not Aware of It)

There are a lot of reasons why your email list isn’t growing. But from observing over 20 email marketing accounts, the biggest reason your email list isn’t growing is inconsistency with your message and your offer. Here are a few examples where a lot of marketers fail at this: They offer a newsletter subscription but…
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January 10, 2018 0

What Is a Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your website that allows you to offer something of value in exchange for the visitor’s information through a form. It is designed for the sole purpose of conversion (e.g. visitor to lead). It is the page that “gates” the marketing offer. What that means is the person needs…
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January 7, 2018 0