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Common Knowledge Isn’t Really That Common

What we deem of as common knowledge isn’t really that common. Despite the wealth of information available to us (via the internet), we rarely use them to our advantage. Our behavior is almost always different from the concepts and theories in our heads. These two stories will show you that what is common to us is…
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June 22, 2016 0

Commandment 7: Stop Wasting Resources

Companies want to earn profits, not just revenues. With more profits, the company can further create value-adding products and services and reach other markets. This cycle creates more customers. Digital marketing is not effective if it does not contribute to the bottomline. This can only happen when you continuously add more value — which is…
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January 23, 2016 0

Google Analytics Basics: How to Set it up Properly

Google Analytics is the most well-known analytics program for digital marketing. The best part? It is absolutely FREE! Digital marketing without using analytics is like driving a car in the night without any lights and your dashboard is not working. You do not know where you are going. You do not know how fast you…
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November 25, 2015 0

Commandment 6: Honor Google and Other SERPs

People use the internet to search for answers to problems they have, no matter how mundane they are. This includes asking what is the weather tomorrow in Tagaytay; or how much is 1 USD to Philippine peso; or what are the top 10 restaurants in Maginhawa? If you are following the 10 commandments for effective…
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November 18, 2015 0

What Is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Businesses have different definitions for sales and marketing. Read one book, go to a certain school, or listen to a guru — you will get different answers each time. Regardless of where you look, by looking at sales’ and marketing’s primary output helps in simplifying the two business functions. Primary Difference Between Sales and Marketing…
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November 11, 2015 0
consistency is key

The Biggest Factor That Contributes to Website Success

It has been months since I last posted here. Life happened. No excuses. I placed more priority to whatever was happening around me that I neglected to allocate time writing helpful content. Consistency This is the biggest factor that contributes to your website’s success. At the beginning of this website, I made an experiment that…
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November 3, 2015 0