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Commandment 1: Be Helpful

The mindset every effective digital marketer should exhibit is helpfulness. As simple as it may sound, it is the least followed among the 10 commandments. If you cannot have that frame of mind and you always think about yourself, you will never achieve success. Too dramatic? Not really. Below are some reasons why being helpful deserves…
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December 9, 2014 2

10 Commandments for Effective Digital Marketing

Best practices for effective digital marketing are prevalent. They come from individuals and companies alike who have tested these theories and achieved results themselves. I researched extensively about these best practices myself and achieved outstanding results as well. Probably the only thing that separates this list from others is I made it easier for you…
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December 1, 2014 4

Digital Marketing Affects the Bottomline

Marketing has evolved a lot in the last decade. The popular classification such as above-the-line marketing (ATL) and below-the-line marketing (BTL) are both no longer effective. The answer is obvious. They both intrude whatever the customer is doing; thus, being dubbed as intrusion marketing. Effective digital marketing is all about permission. It is differentiated from…
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October 6, 2014 0

Quick Check: How to Know if Your Digital Marketing is Effective

Determine whether your digital marketing efforts are effective with this one simple question — does my website (blog and other online assets) have an answer to my customers’ frequently asked questions (FAQs)?

September 15, 2014 0

5 Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure

Digital marketing not supported by any analytics is weak and ineffective. If you rely on guesswork and assumptions, then your recommendations will not hold any water. While many metrics exist, these 5 metrics will give you advantage over those who only measure beginner-level metrics or those who do not measure anything at all.

September 8, 2014 3

What is Marketing Reach

Marketing reach is a term used in digital marketing that describes how many people can see any one type of communication your brand or business does. For example, you have a business. You have assets in the form of a website, a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter handle. Your website does not have…
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September 4, 2014 0