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What Is Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of sending automated emails to people in your email list that meets certain conditions with the main goal of making them take an action. Lead nurturing comes after lead generation. It’s part of the second pillar of effective email marketing, which is lead management. What is lead nurturing?  Lead nurturing in […]

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What Are the Default Channel Groupings in Google Analytics

Default channel groupings in Google Analytics is what you call the different traffic sources in your Google Analytics account. They are comprised of Organic Traffic, Direct Traffic, Social Traffic, Referral Traffic, Email Traffic, Paid Traffic, Display Traffic, and the Others Traffic. If you want to be technical, Google defines these as… ChannelDescriptionDirectSource exactly matches direct ANDMedium exactly […]

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What Is Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is converting an existing piece of content into another content format. It’s a digital marketing tactic that should be built-in to your entire marketing strategy. A simple example is converting an article you have into an infographic. You could, then, create a new post about that infographic. Taking it further, you can use this […]

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