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What Is the Buyer Utility Map

Buyer utility map is a tool from the Blue Ocean Strategy that allows you to visually map out the entire buyer’s journey against certain criteria. It “…helps to get managers thinking from a demand-side perspective [aka buyer side vs company side]. It outlines all the levers companies can pull to deliver exceptional utility to buyers […]

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You Can’t Grow Your Business If You Don’t Do This

Ok, that title was clickbait-ish, but that doesn’t mean this article isn’t accurate. I’ve spoken to a couple of business owners lately and one recurring theme I hear is that they want to grow their business. Who doesn’t, right? But the problem is they want to grow their business — generate new leads and customers […]

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Future-Proofing Your Business

One of the things that frustrates me the most is inefficiency. We’re in Q4 of 2018 right now, but a lot of business owners seem to still live in the 90s. I’m speaking for both here and abroad. So it’s not that the Philippines is behind on technology adaptation. The problem is that of the […]

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Businesses Grow by Focusing on Their Strengths

Make strength productive, one of the habits Peter Drucker said effective executives do, is one of the things a lot of managers and business owners understand but fail to live out. And you can’t really blame yourselves for that. That poor performer or that failed product launch really sticks out like a sore thumb. It […]

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