Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing?

Learn these 9 things before you hire a marketing agency or consultant







A Simple Framework

Effective digital marketing is simple, but it’s not easy. I follow this simple framework for every engagement.

Business Assessment

Learning about you and your business is the first thing I make sure I understand. Knowing what worked and what didn’t worked avoids unnecessary work.

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Setup for Success

I always make sure your business is setup with the proper tracking tools. Without it, any work we do won’t be quantifiable. We won’t know if it’s good or bad.

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Iterative Implementation

I do not know everything. What I do know is the market is always changing. This ensures every campaign is optimized according to how the market is reacting.

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9 Things Startup Founders Need to Know Before Hiring a Marketing Agency or Consultant

Are you considering outsourcing yor digital marketing to a marketing agency or a consultant? Read this white paper first so you avoid these common problems:

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You can’t take back the hours you spent talking and discussing only to find out later that this won’t work for you.


Costs that don’t bring in quick wins in the areas that support your business goals will definitely hurt your startup.


You want results now, but at the same time, not take away from the future. If you don’t understand the effects of certain digital marketing tactics, you’ll be at a disadvantage later on

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