Effective Digital Marketing

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A Simple Framework

Effective digital marketing is simple, but it’s not easy. I follow this simple framework for every engagement.

Business Assessment

Learning about you and your business is the first thing I make sure I understand. Knowing what worked and what didn’t worked avoids unnecessary work.

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Setup for Success

I always make sure your business is setup with the proper tracking tools. Without it, any work we do won’t be quantifiable. We won’t know if it’s good or bad.

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Iterative Implementation

I do not know everything. What I do know is the market is always changing. This ensures every campaign is optimized according to how the market is reacting.

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B2B Outsourcing Firm Increased Visits by 680% and Leads by 490%

Full Suite, an outsourcing company, needed new clients to bring in additional revenue. Now, the company is considering a pivot strategy to monetize its traffic and leads.

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Handles the administrative aspects of a business like business registration and renewals.


High demand for services and a lot of competitors.


Only has a small team that functions as its core operations. No marketing team and budget.


Create timely and timeless content with a lead generation and nurturing strategy.

Recent Articles

I write about strategy, management, and digital marketing. As much as possible, I always put this in the context of the Philippines — that means using data and examples using organizations in the Philippines.

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What HR Gets Wrong

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