1-Minute Marketing Videos: Be a Better Marketer

I am starting this new project this 2018. I’m going to be sharing a daily 1-minute marketing video to help you be a better marketer.

It’s a straight-forward video with no fluff. I know you’re busy. With less than 60 seconds each video, you can learn something new each day.


18) How to Get Started with Blogging

17) 3 Pillars of Effective Email Marketing

16) What Is Email Marketing

15) First Principles: Be Helpful

14) How Long Should My Blog Posts Be

13) How Often Should You Blog

12) Difference Between a Blog and a Blog Post

11) 3 Reasons You Need a Blog

10) What Is Blogging

9) What Is a Blog

8) Using CPL to Analyze Campaign Performance

7) How to Calculate Cost per Lead

6) What Is Cost per Lead

5) Track the Right Metrics

4) How to Use Social Media Properly

3) First Principles: Never Stop Learning

2) Why You Should Have a Website

1) What Is a Website