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What HR Gets Wrong

Someone posted this in an HR group earlier this week and I just shook my head.  HR is not confined only to enforcing company policies; it must also act as protector of employees, especially the R/F, from abusive managers, Supervisors and heads. To do this, (I am a firm believer) HR must be a high…
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April 19, 2017 0

What Does It Mean to Be Good at Your Job

If you’re a young and goal-oriented person trying to climb your way up the corporate ladder, this is a question I’m pretty sure crossed your mind. What does it mean to be good at your job? To some, this might even be a question you’re asking yourself right now. Despite being confident in your skills…
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July 8, 2016 0
Sir, may piso kayo?

Asking for Smaller Bills Is Poor Customer Service

Don’t you just hate it when cashiers from fastfood restaurants and retailers with point-of-sale (POS) systems ask you for smaller bills or coins when paying? I do. It sucks. It ruins the whole experience.

November 5, 2014 0

Credentials Are Not The Best Predictor of High Performance

Managers often hire a person on their team on the basis of a person’s credentials. While it may be one of the most common indicators, it is not the best indicator of a person’s likelihood to achieve high performance. And I do not have to argue that achieving high performance is your goal as a manager,…
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October 24, 2014 0

One Behavior You Do That Makes You a Boss and Not a Manager

Sitting in front of the computer the whole day and typing crazily as if you are the busiest person in the world may seem normal for most managers. However, let me be the first to tell you that that behavior is not effective. This post is not about arguing about a manager and a leader…
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October 22, 2014 0

Seeking Your Signature

This is a guest post written by Rico Cruz, former operations manager of buqo turned freelance photographer. You can learn more about how he uses photography to reflect his passion and curiosity about people and events on his website. At this point, I think marketers are more aware of the nature of Digital Marketing. It…
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September 29, 2014 0