Business strategy is all about earning superior profits and beating the competition.1 It is about facts and common sense much more than vision or dreams. Facts make decisions easier. Dreams without facts make them tougher.2

Strategy answers the question “what do we do?” It is also equally important to know that strategy also involves deciding what not to do.

A lot of businesses start with great strategies. Because the market changing rapidly, the need to revisit the strategy becomes a necessity. Businesses who fail to adapt their strategy based on how the market behaves is almost guaranteed to fail.

Managers and business owners inherently know this. However, these decision-makers often don’t have the skills, training, and experience to create effective strategies. While there are MBAs and classes available on business strategies, resources now become an issue (or in some cases, excuse) — lack of time and money.

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1 Victor Cheng,
2 Bain & Company