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35+ Email List Segmentation (Plus Sample Use Cases)

“Email marketing doesn’t work.” “People don’t read their emails anymore.” Have you ever heard these before? If you’re a digital marketer in the Philippines, you would have most likely said these statements yourself. Email marketing is dead. Or not. Email marketing will not be successful without effective list segmentation. Research over the years across industries all over the world have […]

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3 Examples of Lead Nurturing Campaigns: The Good and the Bad

Great lead nurturing campaigns are what separates effective marketers apart from the mediocre ones. In this article, I’ll be sharing some email marketing examples from local international brands. I’ll include some background about the email, explain what’s good about it and some areas for improvement. Just to be clear, I’m sharing only about lead nurturing emails. These emails […]

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What Is Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is the use of email marketing to efficiently communicate with your prospects and customers after they meet certain criteria and/or performed some action. As digital marketers today, we all have a lot of stuff on our plates. Aside from email marketing, we also handle social media, advertisement, content creation, maintaining the website, […]

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