Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is defined as promoting products or services using one or more forms of electronic media. Traditionally, marketing is broken down into the Four P’s (product, price, place, promotions). Digital marketing narrows it down to three. Place has already been defined — the internet.

It is about attracting the right people, converting these people to leads, eventually turning them to customers and brand ambassadors. It is changing the way businesses are run. Why?

People’s buying behaviors have changed. No longer are we at the mercy of the brands when we want to seek more information; rather, we research and ask other people about their experiences. By the time we talk to a representative from the brand, we have almost always already made a decision if we’re going to buy or not. We are just validating a few more things.

If there is one important lesson brands and businesses should know by now, it is this:

If you are not found online, to your customers (or your noncustomers), you do not exist.

You have to be present in the entire buyer’s journey if you want to stay relevant. Digital marketing is simple, but it’s not easy to execute effectively.┬áThere are a lot of components in digital marketing. These include websites, blogs, social media, and many more. If you’d like to learn more about effective digital marketing, just let me know.

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