Commandment 8: Content is King

One of the fundamental beliefs held by many marketers (business owners and salespeople as well) is that they can control how their customers buy. This is not an effective approach to digital marketing. The fact is, the only thing you can control is your own behavior. People who fail to ask the question, “what’s different…
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August 29, 2017 0

The Importance of Documentation

Documentation is one of the things that a lot of businesses often don’t do. It is a very important activity but it is not glamorous nor is it not a task that you would enjoy doing. The main importance of documenting everything that happens in the business — whether that is opening the office, closing…
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July 30, 2017 0

What HR Gets Wrong

Someone posted this in an HR group earlier this week and I just shook my head.  HR is not confined only to enforcing company policies; it must also act as protector of employees, especially the R/F, from abusive managers, Supervisors and heads. To do this, (I am a firm believer) HR must be a high…
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April 19, 2017 0

Businesses Grow by Focusing on Their Strengths

Make strength productive, one of the habits Peter Drucker said effective executives do is one of the things a lot of managers and business owners understand but fail to live out. And you can’t really blame yourselves for that. That poor performer or that failed product launch really sticks out like a sore thumb. It…
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April 3, 2017 0

What Does It Mean to Be Good at Your Job

If you’re a young and goal-oriented person trying to climb your way up the corporate ladder, this is a question I’m pretty sure crossed your mind. What does it mean to be good at your job? To some, this might even be a question you’re asking yourself right now. Despite being confident in your skills…
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July 8, 2016 0

Common Knowledge Isn’t Really That Common

What we deem of as common knowledge isn’t really that common. Despite the wealth of information available to us (via the internet), we rarely use them to our advantage. Our behavior is almost always different from the concepts and theories in our heads. These two stories will show you that what is common to us is…
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June 22, 2016 0