The Biggest Factor That Contributes to Website Success

consistency is key

It has been months since I last posted here.

Life happened. No excuses.

I placed more priority to whatever was happening around me that I neglected to allocate time writing helpful content.


This is the biggest factor that contributes to your website’s success.

At the beginning of this website, I made an experiment that if I just followed my 10 commandments, I will replicate (or can replicate) whatever success I did in the past.

To a certain extent, I did just that. From September 2014 to March 2015 I was consistent in writing posts (at least once a week). I started from scratch. Heck, I did not even promote it on my social media accounts (at most 10x) in that 7 months.

How did I know it became successful? I ranked for certain keywords! Meaning, someone was searching and my articles showed up!

How Did I Know?

I got linked back by a blog that has an active author. I double-checked and it is consistent as well. What is great is that it aligns with the audience I wanted for my site.

What happened afterwards was I got a couple more link backs but primarily because of that blog.

Remember, I started from scratch. Now I get a steady stream of traffic (low 80’s) but that all happens without me doing anything.

Now, my goal is to increase that by simply being consistent on these things:

  1. Posting articles
  2. That are helpful
  3. And actionable

And, of course, I will have to finalize my site’s design as well. Be consistent with what you are doing. Follow my 10 commandments. You will see your website become a success.

Hope to see you back here again!