Quick Check: How to Know if Your Digital Marketing is Effective


Determine whether your digital marketing efforts are effective with this one simple question — does my website (blog and other online assets) have an answer to my customers’ frequently asked questions (FAQs)?

If your answer is yes, you are on the right track. Providing answers even before questions are asked makes you look good from your customers’ eyes. It makes you proactive. It makes you appear in control. It makes you know what you are doing.

On the other hand, if your answer is no, that should be a wakeup call for you. Digital marketing is all about being helpful. If you already know what the FAQs are, publish them on a blog post already. Do not wait until issues come up before doing so.

Just think how your audience will think of you when you write a post AFTER a big issue? You would be seen as reactive. You got surprised with what happened. You will look as if you are not in control. You will lose your credibility.

Digital marketing is not about you posting your products and services online and continuously promote it. Yes, you place them there so others can know more about you. But there is more to digital marketing than just that. People are thirsty for knowledge that can help them achieve their goals. People conduct research online, look at reviews and make decisions then and there regarding your brand. If they do not find anything useful for them (trust me, your product or service is not that useful for them; it may be useful and so innovative for you, but not your audience), they will quickly lose interest. Worse? They will leave negative reviews about you and share it with their friends. No amount of promotions nor celebrity endorsements can convince that person (and the people he shared it with) to trust your brand again.

Stop focusing on yourself. Focus on your customers. Compile all FAQs from your team. Start with sales. Ask accounting. Ask marketing. Create individual posts for each of these questions and create another one that will serve as a table of content / summary of all the questions then link them. Update this once a quarter and you will see less complains, less “work” for your team because your customers already know the answers and won’t have to ask them anymore.