What Does It Mean to Be Good at Your Job

If you’re a young and goal-oriented person trying to climb your way up the corporate ladder, this is a question I’m pretty sure crossed your mind.

What does it mean to be good at your job?

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To some, this might even be a question you’re asking yourself right now.

Despite being confident in your skills and abilities, there comes a point where you question yourself. 

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60 Days of Unemployment

Millenials crave for a work-life balance. I never believed there’s one. 5 days at work vs 2 days of rest? 8 hours of work, 1 hour break at work, 2 hours prep, and 3 hours commute vs 2 hours of me-time and 8 hours of sleep? There’s no such thing.

One thing I do know is that we all want a satisfying career — one that leads to growth at both the professional and personal level.

But what if the answer can’t be found in a big enterprise or even a startup? (Gasp!)

My last day of employment was April 8, 2016.

I haven’t been employed for the past 60 days and I must say, I haven’t been more in-control of my life.

I’m happier and healthier right now. Let me explain further.

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