How to Reach Business Nirvana by Google’s Eric Schmidt


I have just got to share this wonderful SlideShare by Eric Schmidt of Google.

The CEO of Google shared his learnings in his decade-long stay at Google. In this 54-slide deck, Eric shared his learnings in a very easy-to-understand way, yet packs a whole lot of hidden messages, which I hope I did justice in this article by breaking down these lessons and sharing the issues he is tackling.


13 Steps to Achieve Business Nirvana

  1. Ask the question “What’s different now?” [Slide 6]
  2. Accept that technology is changing every business sector – fast! [Slide 9]
  3. Realize that barriers to entry have become so low, almost anyone can enter the market [Slide 10]
  4. Admit that power has shifted from companies to consumers [Slide 12]
  5. Remember what Peter Drucker said, “Make strength productive.” [Slide 16 – 18]
  6. Plan your culture then hire people to fit the culture, not the other way around [23 – 28]
  7. Consider what Dwight Eisenhower once said, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” [Slide 29 – 33]
  8. Stop relying on recruiters and HR for hiring [Slide 34 – 35]
  9. Murder any unchosen alternatives [Slide 36 – 39]
  10. Communicate incessantly. Never assume. Repeat. Again. Again. [Slide 40 – 41]
  11. Set unattainable goals [Slide 44]
  12. Listen to the lab coats, not the suits [Slide 45]
  13. Take a leap of faith [Slide 50 – 52]