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How to Create Goals for Your Website Using Google Analytics

If you don’t know how to create goals for your website, you are not being effective. Creating goals in Google Analytics is one of the basics every marketer should know and implement. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track visits and behaviors people do on your website. If you haven’t installed […]

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Commandment 6: Honor Google and Other SERPs

People use the internet to search for answers to problems they have, no matter how mundane they are. This includes asking what is the weather tomorrow in Tagaytay; or how much is 1 USD to Philippine peso; or what are the top 10 restaurants in Maginhawa? If you are following the 10 commandments for effective […]

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How to Reach Business Nirvana by Google’s Eric Schmidt

I have just got to share this wonderful SlideShare by Eric Schmidt of Google. The CEO of Google shared his learnings in his decade-long stay at Google. In this 54-slide deck, Eric shared his learnings in a very easy-to-understand way, yet packs a whole lot of hidden messages, which I hope I did justice in […]

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